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Build Your Network, Grow Your Business

Connect the Doc helps you build, manage, and digitize your referral network so you can grow your business and see more patients.

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Connect the Doc is an exclusive online community that was built to help practitioners across North America grow their business through professional referrals.

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Build Your Network

Connect with healthcare professionals and build your referral network online. You can search Connect the Doc’s growing network of practitioners or invite existing referral partners to join.

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Get Endorsed

Enhance your online reputation and help prospective patients trust you by featuring practitioner recommendations on your Connect the Doc profile. We call it professional social proof.

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Digitize Your Referrals*

Say goodbye to your fax machine. Easily send and receive referrals through Connect the Doc’s secure online platform. Track inbound and outbound referrals so you can make the best business decisions.

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Convert Referrals*

Close the referral loop. Use Connect the Doc’s online appointment booking widget and customizable landing page to reduce referral leakage by allowing patients to book or request their appointments online, 24/7.

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Why Referrals?

Why Digitize Your Referrals?

Simplify It:

You will get more referrals if it is easy for healthcare practitioners and patients to refer to you. Your admin staff will thank you too.

Track It:

See how many patients each practitioner in your network has sent you. Use this information for thank you notes and referral reciprocity.

Flaunt It:

Show patients that other healthcare experts trust and appreciate your knowledge, treatment ability, and patient care.

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