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10 Health Tips for the Summer Season

June 8, 2013 Better Health Blog, Health & Wellness, Health Tip of the Day Comments Off
summer health tips

The summer season in Vancouver is upon us (finally!), and for me, that means going outside to enjoy a walk, a game of soccer or football, or going for a dip at the beach. However, with the increased amount of activity outdoors, we all need to protect our skin from UV rays to minimize chances of melanoma. Also, since we are more active in the summer, there is a greater chance of dehydration which could lead to sunstroke or heatstroke. Here are 10 health tips you should consider for healthy living during the summer:

    1. Try to avoid exercising outdoors during midday; the sun will be closest to Earth and its rays will be strongest during that time and will increase chances of dehydration and sunstroke.
    2. Reapply sunscreen every hour or so, and more often if you are swimming in the pool/ocean or sweating it off.
    3. Use SPF 30 or higher, and make that the label states broad-spectrum protection or it will only protect your skin against UVB and not UVA rays.
    4. Different brands use different mixes of chemicals which either absorb, reflect or scatter sunlight as well as protecting skin; not all brands have the same composition, so if one brand causes skin irritation you can try another brand.
    5. Wear sunglasses to minimize glare and damage to your eyes as well as your face.
    6. Cover up your skin if you are under the sun for a prolonged duration – sunshine, in small doses, can produce Vitamin D, but will increase your chances of melanoma (skin cancer) if exposed for too long.
    7. When grilling in your backyard, don’t overcook your meats because it produces advanced glycation end products (AGEs), a compound which damages proteins and lead to wrinkles and contribute to skin aging.
    8. Red wine contains reservatrol, a compound that activates antiaging sirtuins which block some biological processes that contribute to skin aging
    9. Eat more red foods such as red bell peppers and orange foods such as carrots, which contain lycopene and beta-carotene which offer natural protection from the sun.
    10. Use sunscreen even during cloudy days; since the sun is closer to the Earth during the summer, UV rays may still penetrate light clouds or mist.

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